Exclusive Chroming

Chroming solutions for shining results.

What we do:

We are the only company in the United Kingdom providing customers with high quality chrome paint coatings on virtually any surface..

That's right, almost any surface..

Chrome Paper? Yes it's possible!
Chrome leather? Sure.
Chrome Plastic? No problem.
Chrome Wood? Why not.
Chrome Metal? Absolutely.

In fact, we can chrome flexible materials like paper and leather and they RETAIN their flexability!
We can chrome products in practically every colour too.

How we do it:

We employ a special technique using real liquid metals to coat then colour your items. We take pride in our professionalism and work, and strive to reflect this in our product and brand. We can collect and deliver your items too (UK only), leaving you free to sell or display your enhanced products safe in the knowledge that they look their very best!

  • Hoddesdon, England, United Kingdom